Dr. Ersula J. Ore is an Assistant Professor of English at t Arizona State University-Tempe. She teaches courses in rhetoric and composition, contemporary rhetorical theory, and critical race theory. She received her bachelors in English from the University of Maryland, College Park. After taking two years to teach high school in Towson, Maryland, Ersula went on to pursue terminal degrees at Penn State University. There she received a Dual-Degree Masters in English & Women's Studies, and a PhD in English, Rhetoric and Composition. As Ersula often explains, rhetoric is the ability to discern the available means of persusasion during a moment of social interaction.

Ersula's graduate work a Penn State was often recognized. She was the recipient of several fellowship and research awards, and selected as 1 of 10 graduate students to receive the prestigious Penn State Alumni Dissertation Award in 2011. The Alumni Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding achievement among a graduate student and is considered the most prestigious Penn State award. 

Ersula's scholarly interests include contemporary rhetorical theory, critical race theory, and communication. In her first book project, tentatively titled Lynching: A Rhetoric of Citizenship, Ersula marries these fields of study to map the legal arguments and social logics informing civic belonging in America. Ersula argues that the logic informing American lynching likewise informs citizenship practices.